Monthly Archives: August 2010

Care For A Crucifer?


Let’s hope you like cabbage, or any of the other members of the crucifer family of vegetables which include broccoli, cauliflower, kale and brussel sprouts. These vegetables are the stars of a number of studies which indicate they may help … Read More

Make It Mediterranean

mediterranian diet

The Mediterranean diet has long been famous for its association with long life and lower rates of heart disease and cancer. Read More

Whiplash & Concussion

corey koskie

In today’s New York Times, in an interesting article about concussion in professional baseball, a connection was made between concussion, whiplash injury, and the possible role of spinal manipulation in its treatment. The article quoted Corey Koskie, a third baseman … Read More

The Triad Of Health

triad of health

This model illustrates health as a dynamic inter-relationship between our structure, our chemistry and emotional/social factors. Read More

CAM & Chiropractic

cox flexion distraction

The idea that chiropractic is complementary to medicine, or an alternative, never made sense to me. Read More

Yum Yogurt

yogurt child

How good is yogurt for you and your wellness? Well, just ask your gut! Read More

Nuts: Good Or Bad?


Nuts taste good, and grabbing a handful of unsalted almonds when you’re hungry and on the run is a practical alternative to processed snack foods. Read More