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A Chiropractor in Portland

Portland image

Practicing as a chiropractor in Portland is interesting. Chiropractors are widely accepted, there are lots of them, and Portland is an young and vibrant city. Read More

What is Sciatica and Leg Nerve Pain ?

What Is Sciatica? Sciatica refers to an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, an important nerve that originates in the nerves in the lower lumbar spinal cord and extends into the buttock and down the leg. The sciatic nerve is the … Read More

What is a Pinched Nerve ? Part 3

DISC 2 Image

Spinal Joint Fixations, Subluxation, and Pinched Nerves We have been discussing the question of “What is a Pinched Nerve?” and two main causes of pinched nerves have been presented, those associated with disc bulge and herniation, and those caused by … Read More

What is a Pinched Nerve? Part 1

Spinal Disc with Vertebra

A pinched nerve is a wonderfully descriptive term, but it is not a diagnostic one. A pinched nerve can indicate a wide range of spinal problems. Read More

A Chiropractor in Portland


Practicing as a chiropractor in Portland is interesting. Portland is very open to chiropractors and there are lots of them. Portland is a small, vibrant city. Read More

Herniated Disc (Part 1): Anatomy of a Disc

Model of 3 vertebra  showing nerves and disc

Being an educated health consumer will help you make informed choices along a treatment road that may take a number of twists and turns. The goal is to achieve healing of the injured disc with as few risks and side … Read More

FDA bans Darvocet: Why so long?

Yellow pills being manufactured

On November 19, 2010, the FDA banned of Darvocet, a widely used pain medication. Darvocet (and its parent Darvon) is an opiod-based propoxyphene drug prescribed for mild to moderate arthritis pain. The FDA first approved it in 1957 which means … Read More

Flexion Distraction For Discs

spinal anatomy

For almost 20 years, I have studied and used Cox flexion distraction in treating non-surgical disc injuries and conditions in the neck and low back. I have attended numerous seminars and classes with Dr. Cox. Flexion-distraction is widely researched. Since … Read More

Whiplash & Concussion

corey koskie

In today’s New York Times, in an interesting article about concussion in professional baseball, a connection was made between concussion, whiplash injury, and the possible role of spinal manipulation in its treatment. The article quoted Corey Koskie, a third baseman … Read More

The Triad Of Health

triad of health

This model illustrates health as a dynamic inter-relationship between our structure, our chemistry and emotional/social factors. Read More

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