The Triad Of Health

triad of healthSince the early writings of DD Palmer, its founder, over a hundred years ago, Chiropractic has conceptualized good health as a equal-sided triangle, a “Triad of Health”. This model illustrates health as a dynamic inter-relationship between our structure ( bones, muscles and ligaments), our chemistry (nutrition and all of the body’s hormonal and chemical reactions) and emotional/social factors.

What controls and mediates all these factors–the structural, the chemical and the emotional/social–is the nervous system.

While medicine is chemically oriented and offers drugs as the primary mode of healing, chiropractic is neurologically and structurally oriented, and offers drugless hands-on therapies. Chiropractic and medicine both have a vital role in treating and maintaining health and promoting wellness.

Chiropractic is a holistic philosophy of health that emphasizes motion, balance, nutrition and emotional health. Summoning the body’s own healing potential and emphasizing prevention is vital to chiropractic philosophy.

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