Whiplash & Concussion

corey koskieIn today’s New York Times, in an interesting article about concussion in professional baseball, a connection was made between concussion, whiplash injury, and the possible role of spinal manipulation in its treatment. The article quoted Corey Koskie, a third baseman for the Brewers, who sustained a concussion from a whiplash injury to the neck in 2006 that ended his career.

“It was awful,” he said. “I could barely move. I couldn’t be in the sun, I couldn’t get my heart rate over 110. Everything seemed strange. It was like I was watching my life through the lens of a video camera.”

Now the owner of two health club franchises in Minneapolis, Koskie said it was not just the concussion that caused his enduring symptoms, but also the neck injury. When he finally saw a specialist who did osteopathic manipulations of his neck, everything changed.

“I would wake up sometimes and I couldn’t feel one side of my body,” Koskie said. “I was told I had an anxiety disorder. You would feel pretty anxious, too, if you couldn’t feel one side of your body. People say brain, brain, brain. Yes, it’s that, but I think the neck and the upper cervical column was just as critical. I don’t have any medical evidence, but once they fixed that, I was fine.”

Source: NYT, August 17, 2010, pg. D1

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