MVA Auto Accident Injuries

auto accident injuriesNE Portland chiropractor Dr. Arn Strasser effectively treats whiplash, neck and back pain, headaches and extremity injuries caused by MVA auto accidents, and your auto insurance covers his care.

What Injuries Can Occur As A Result Of An Auto Accident?

Motor vehicle auto accidents can cause significant injuries to the spine, head, and joints. You may be experiencing neck pain, whiplash, low back pain, arm and leg pain because of an accident. Headaches and signs of concussion often follow the trauma of an accident.

What Is Dr. Strasser’s Approach In Treating Auto Accident Injuries?

As a Chiropractor emphasizing non-forceful treatments, Dr. Strasser offers gentle approaches to treating neck, whiplash, headache, back and extremity pain. Dr. Strasser is a headache specialist who provides cranial therapy to treating accident-related headaches and trauma to the head. He is a professional member of the International Headache Society.

Do I Need A Referral From My Medical Doctor Or Insurance Company To See Dr. Strasser?

You do not need a medical referral to see Dr. Strasser. If you have seen a medical provider in an Emergency Room, or have consulted your family medical doctor, you can see Dr. Strasser for a second-opinion without a referral.

Is The Cost Of Examination And Treatment Covered By My Accident Insurance?

In nearly every case, Dr. Strasser’s initial evaluation and subsequent care is fully covered by your insurance in almost all cases. We will be pleased to investigate your insurance coverage prior to your first appointment.

Why Didn’t The Emergency Room Or My Medical Doctor Refer Me To Dr. Strasser?

Emergency Rooms and traditional medical offices are not equipped to offer in-depth evaluation of neck, back and joint injuries resulting from automobile motor vehicle accidents. Without an indication of a severe problem, such as a wound or serious trauma, injuries to the joints, and mild concussion. Because MVA accident injuries can sometimes lead to chronic pain and restriction, it is important to evaluate any possible mechanical imbalances and joint restrictions resulting from an accident.

What Is Dr. Strasser’s Relationship With Attorneys and Accident Insurance Carriers?

Dr. Strasser maintains an excellent relationship with attorneys and insurance carriers. He has an established reputation as an excellent clinician whose goal is to provide research-based treatments in a cost-effective manner. Clear, comprehensive documentation helps you to maintain your rights in covering auto accident expenses.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer questions you may have regarding your auto accident injuries.