Children | Adolescents | Infants | Gentle and Non-Force Chiropractic & Cranial Therapy

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Chiropractic care is combined with craniosacral cranial therapy and natural health care to provide care for injuries to the spine and extremities, headaches, irritability and many childhood illnesses. 



NE Portland Chiropractor Dr. Arn Strasser’s gentle and non-force Chiropractic and Cranial Therapy Cranio-Sacral is a drugless approach that gently treats the cause of your child’s symptoms.

Dr. Strasser specializes in children and adolescent neck and back pain, extremity and sports injuries, and migraine and headaches. He treats the whole child by addressing body imbalances that respond so well to gentle chiropractic care. These include fatigue, lowered resistance to colds and flu, hyper-irritability, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, chronic ear infections and sinus congestion, and allergies. Cranio-Sacral Cranial therapy for children, adolescents and infants is a specialty. 

Dr. Strasser has always made child, adolescent and infant care a central concern of his practice. He provides an unhurried atmosphere that allows children and adolescents to develop a relationship with a doctor who emphasizes drugless, natural approaches to staying healthy.  Dr. Strasser’s approach to children is based on respect and communication.

Children respond positively to healing that emphasizes touch, non-thrusting manipulation and gentle traditional adjusting combined with botanical and other natural therapies.  Starting early with good posture, proper spinal and body mechanics is vital to your child’s later health.

Dr. Strasser  carefully determines a diagnosis and discusses his findings with you. He presents and discusses his recommendations as well as alternatives. He always receives your permission before beginning a treatment.

Dr. Strasser emphasizes to children and adolescents that they have a responsibility to keep themselves healthy. He emphasizes a positive approach that sees pain as an important response of a healthy body. He steers away from medical disease labels that might frighten or stigmatize a child. He encourages children in healthy habits.

Dr. Strasser is always available to discuss his care of children, adolescents and infants.