TMJ |Jaw Pain, Restriction, Clicking, Popping |Facial Pain, Post-Concussion Pain| Headache

jaw painDr. Strasser has over 20 years of experience as a Chiropractic TMJ Specialist. Gentle specific TMJ procedures can relieve jaw pain and restriction. By evaluating each individual patient for cranial stress, spinal joint disturbances and lifestyle Dr. Strasser approach is integrated care. 

NE Portland chiropractor Dr. Strasser treats the mechanical and neurological causes of TMJ. Jaw conditions including TMJ locking, popping and pain, can be the outcome of a wide range of mechanical and neurological problems as well as chronic stress. Disturbances in the teeth can contribute to TMJ disorders.

If there is jaw pain, locking of the jaw, difficulty chewing or other significant jaw joint symptoms, an evaluation for TMJ syndrome is indicated. Occasional clicking of the jaw joint and stiffness without pain is common, especially as we age, and no treatment is usually necessary.

Dr. Strasser gently and carefully examines the TMJ joint, he evaluates indicators in the cranium (the head) such as excessive tightness at the temporal muscles of the skull, and evaluates the cervical spine and the body’s total structure.  If indicated, he will prescribe an MRI imaging study, or an x-ray, of the TMJ.

In addition to specfic TMJ techniques, many patients also benefit from gentle CranioSacral and Cranial Therapy techniques utilized by Dr. Strasser.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer questions you may have regarding TMJ disorders.