Headache and Migraine

migraine headacheThere is a drugless solution for migraine and headaches. By increasing the body’s migraine and headache threshold, NE Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Arn Strasser provides a gentle, drugless alternative to traditional drug-based headache management.

What Causes Headaches?

Headaches can signal a wide variety of disorders. Cervical headaches can arise from restricted spinal joints in the neck causing muscle spasm and inflammation. Migraine headaches are related to a lowering of the body’s migraine threshold. Sinus headaches are related to inflammation and infection of the sinus cavities. Headaches can be related to TMJ Syndrome. Concussion and head trauma can produce headache pain. Dr. Strasser treats most types of headaches.

Why Is It Important Not To Depend On Drugs To Treat Headaches?

Drug companies make a fortune selling over-the-counter and prescription drugs to relieve headache symptoms. All these drugs have side-effects, some of them serious with long-term use. Drugs don’t treat the source of headache pain. Dr. Strasser has over 20 years of experience providing gentle, drugless treatment for headache and migraine. He is a professional member of the International Headache Society.

How Does Dr. Strasser Diagnose Headaches?

Dr. Strasser takes an individual approach to diagnosing headache pain. Headaches are signals from the body of imbalance or disturbance. It is important to see headache pain as the outcome of a set of imbalances that need to be evaluated for each individual. “Treat the patient, not the disease” is crucial to successful drugless management of headache pain. The important question for Dr. Strasser is, “What is the body trying to tell us?” by giving us headache symptoms.

What Is The Treatment For Headaches?

Dr. Strasser provides an integrated program of care for headaches that includes gentle cranial therapy, gentle chiropractic manipulation, nutrition, research-based botanicals, and lifestyle strategies.

How Is Migraine Treated?

Migraine is a threshold disorder, according to Dr. Strasser , and he provides an organized approach to treating migraine by addressing each patients individual threshold factors. Patients are sometimes told that one particular drug, supplement, diet, or spinal adjustment, will “cure” their migraines. Dr. Strasser has found that only an integrated, whole person approach can successfully provide a drugless approach to treating migraine.

What Are Rebound Headaches?

Medicine has established a category of headaches caused by the drugs intended to treat them. Depending on tripton drugs for migraines and taking them regularly each week can lead to drug-triggered rebound headaches. Dr. Strasser’s approach to headache care provides an alternative to depending on drugs for headache relief.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer questions you may have regarding headaches and migraine.