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Low Back Pain, Leg Pain, Stenosis and Sciatica

low back painNE Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Arn Strasser carefully examines low back pain and leg pain, including neurological testing, to determine if you have a sprain, a joint fixation, a facet syndrome, a disc injury, spinal stenosis or another condition.  Muscle spasms and pain are secondary to disturbed spinal mechanics and addressing the underlying mechanical and neurological problems is the key to successful treatment of low back pain.  Following correction, stabilizing low back exercises allows the body to maintain correction. 

What Causes Mechanical Low Back Pain?

Spinal joint restrictions and chronic abnormal mechanical problems in the spine are the source of many low back pain conditions. Muscle tightness and pain are the result of these underlying mechanical problems. The nervous system plays an important role in low back conditions sometimes causing muscle spasm to protect us from further injuries.

Do Disc Injuries And Spinal Stenosis Cause Low Back Pain?

Disc conditions, from simple thinning discs to major disc bulges and herniations are an important cause of low back pain. Injury or chronic strain to the low back facet joints cause low back pain. Spinal stenosis can lead to inflammation with resulting low back pain and leg symptoms.

How Does Dr. Strasser Diagnose Low Back Pain?

Portland chiropractor Dr. Arn Strasser is trained in motion palpation which allows him to specifically identify your problem area. Dr. Strasser will use neurological and chiropractic examination, with imaging and x-ray studies as necessary, to diagnose your low back pain. He examines your entire spine including spinal alignment and posture to evaluate your low back pain in the context of the whole body

What Is The Treatment For Mechanical Low Back Pain And Stiffness?

Gentle and non-force chiropractic manipulation and traditional osteopathic muscle techniques provide real solutions to relief of pain while addressing the cause of your low back pain. Physical therapy modalities, including ultrasound and interferential therapy, are used as adjuncts to chiropractic care. Therapeutic exercises are carefully introduced when they will help support mechanical corrections.

What If My Low Back Pain Is Caused By A Bulging, Herniated Or Slipped Disc?

Dr. Strasser is a non-surgical disc specialist. He is trained in Cox flexion distraction, a well-researched, gentle,
non-thrusting protocol that successfully treats most low back, sciatica and leg pain caused by injured discs.

How Long Will I Have To Receive Treatment?

Low back pain caused by spinal joint restrictions can lead to muscle spasm and inflammation. Chiropractic adjusting can treat many of these problems rapidly. Acute pain associated with trauma or disc injury require higher levels of care.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer questions you may have regarding low back pain and injury.