Repetitive Use And Musician Injuries

repetitive use painPortland chiropractor Dr. Arn Strasser has provided gentle, effective chiropractic care for professional musicians and workers with repetitive use injuries. Addressing the mechanical and neurological source of their chronic pain and dysfunction is the key to successful management.

What Is A Repetitive Use Injury?

Repeated motions used in computer work and certain factory jobs can cause muscle and joint pains that can become debilitating and significantly impact daily life. Musicians, especially professionals, can suffer repetitive use pain from using repeated motions for extended periods. Ergonomic problems caused by holding instruments is also an important cause of muscle and joint pain in musicians.

How Do I Know If I Have A Repetitive Use Injury?

Pain in joints related to a repetitious activity, often an aching pain with sharp pain episodes sometimes accompanied by tingling, is a sign of a repetitive use injury. Repetitive use injuries often occur in the hands, elbows and shoulders with neck, upper back and midback pain.

How Does Dr. Strasser Diagnose Repetitive Use Injuries?

Chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological evaluation, including motion palpation of the spine and extremity joints, allows Dr. Strasser diagnose repetitive use injuries. Muscle pain is an outcome of underlying disturbed mechanics.

How Is Repetitive Use Injury Treated?

Gentle chiropractic manipulation, traditional osteopathic manual therapies and specific exercises and ergonomics are used by Dr. Strasser to successfully treat Repetitive Use Pain. Patients can have persistent pain symptoms even after extensive muscle therapies and drug treatments. Dr. Strasser has found that successful treatment of repetitive use injuries requires the evaluation and treatment of the entire mechanical system of the body and the possible role of neurological mechanisms.

What Part Does The Nervous System Play In Repetitive Use Pain?

The body’s nervous system can set up patterns of response to injury that, while intended to protect the body from further injury, are part of the problem in painful conditions. Dr. Strasser utilizes cranial therapy to help the body reprogram these responses.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer questions you may have regarding repetitive use injuries.