Care For A Crucifer?

crucifersLet’s hope you like cabbage, or any of the other members of the crucifer family of vegetables which include broccoli, cauliflower, kale and brussel sprouts. These vegetables are the stars of a number of studies which indicate they may help protect us from a wide range of cancers.

Researchers have isolated phytochemicals called glucosinolates which when chewed change into isothiocyanateswhich are powerful compounds that may inhibit cancer. It may be that you have to have the right genes to make crucifers work as anti-cancer agents, but these wonderful vegetables are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, so you can’t lose.

If you or your family don’t like the taste of crucifers, there are lots of ways to sneak them into salads, soups and pasta sauces. A good healthy dip can make munching on a piece of cauliflower an enjoyable snack. I am thrilled that arugala is a crucifer. Now I can justify that wood-fired margherita pizza by adding my favorite topping: arugala!

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