About Dr. Arn Strasser

Arn Strasser07_2Portland chiropractor,  Dr. Arn Strasser is an advocate for patient-centered, natural health care based on encouraging the body’s innate ability to heal and a belief that prevention is the key to health.  He is a specialist in Cox Flexion Distraction Disc Protocol and Chiropractic Urgent Care.  He regularly teaches Tai Chi classes.

“My purpose is to provide a unique, gentle approach to drugless chiropractic health care.  I work in partnership with my patients to achieve optimal health through chiropractic, cranial | craniosacral therapy, traditional osteopathy, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The goal of my practice is to provide excellence in diagnosis, gentle researched techniques, and individualized, solution-oriented care in a calm and supportive atmosphere.”   Arn Strasser DC


DC  Doctor of Chiropractic
Western States Chiropractic College

M. ARCH  Master of Architecture
University of Oregon

MA  Master of Arts (History)
Michigan State University

BA  Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)
Michigan State University 


Cox Flexion Distraction Protocol

SacroOccipital Technique

Cranio-sacral | Cranial Therapy

Non-Force Manipulation

Traditional Osteopathic Techniques

Manual Therapy | Sports Therapy

Stress Management | Nutritional Therapies

Tai Chi