Fibromyalgia| Chronic Pain | Migraine |Diagnosis and Treatment of Threshold Disorders








Dr. Strasser categorizes Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Migraine as well as Chronic Fatigue, IBS and other similar conditions as “THRESHOLD DISORDERS”.  In treating these disorders, Dr. Strasser emphasizes the role of a complex of individual factors that lower a patient’s threshold and initiates their disorder’s painful neurological storm.

FIBROMYALGIA is a chronic condition characterized by episodes or “flare-ups” of generalized muscle aching, joint pain, headache, tenderness, and fatigue often accompanied by feeling depressed or “low”.

CHRONIC PAIN is often initiated by an accident or incident that leads to often debilitating episodes of spinal, joint and muscular pain often accompanied by depression.  Medical drug treatments especially the use of Opiates often contributes to the symptom picture.

MIGRAINE are episodes of acute pulsating debilitating head pain accompanied by a range of symptoms including visual aura, nausea and vomiting, depression, and fatigue.  Dr. Strasser distinguishes between headache triggers and more critical Threshold Factors.

CHRONIC FATIQUE is a chronic tendency to episodes of sudden acute fatigue, lethargy, depression and muscular aching.

IBS (IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME) is characterized by episodes of gastrointestinal upset with no apparent cause often with GI upset, bowel upset, diarrhea, abdominal aching, depression and fatigue that impacts normal activities.

Dr. Strasser characterizes these conditions are what he has termed Threshold Disorders. A person with a threshold disorder is born with a sensitive nervous system and the potential for one of these disorders ( or a combination).  These patients do not experience symptoms unless the threshold for these disorders is lowered. Once the threshold is lowered, the nervous system responds with a a series of rapid neurological reactions that can be termed a “neurological storm” and results in a set of symptoms as noted in each disorder above.

In Dr. Strasser’s approach to treating Threshold Disorders, there are two major components:  a drugless integrated approach to increase the body’s threshold to alleviate pain symptoms AND referral to a psychologist or therapist specializing in helping the patient understand the emotional component of chronic pain, to develop tools to effectively manage stress and to reframe attitudes that impact day to day living. Dr. Strasser has found that ACT therapy is an especially useful therapeutic approach. For patients on long-term opiate (ie.Oxycontin) and other pain medication usage, a goal of treatment is the eventually withdrawal from pain medications under medical supervision.

In managing and treating Threshold Disorders, Dr. Strasser begins with a comprehensive examination and an in-depth study of the past history and the past treatment history.  Threshold Disorder patients often try many different strategies in their search for relief. Dr. Strasser emphasizes the complexity of such disorders and especially the role of the Central Nervous System.

Dr. Strasser defines Threshold Factors as major tendencies that can lower the body’s threshold for a threshold disorder attack, including:

  • • Stress, both chronic and acute
  • • Nervous System functional disorders
  • • Nervous system response disorders
  • Spinal Joint Restrictions
  • Body Structural disorders
  • • Hormonal imbalances
  • • Blood Sugar disturbances
  • • Nutritional imbalances
  • Sleep disorders
  • • Emotional disorders
  • • Deconditioning disorders

Dr. Strasser offers an integrated, individualized approach to treating Threshold Disorders based on the findings of examination and the process of care.  Vital to this approach is a partnership with patients and taking time to evaluate progress.  Dr. Strasser combines gentle Chiropractic and traditional Osteopathic whole-body techniques, gentle and non-force Chiropractic manipulation, Cranial Therapy, SacroOccipital Technique, and botanical therapy in treating Threshold Disorders.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer questions you may have regarding his approach to treating Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Migraine and other Threshold Disorders.