Yum Yogurt

yogurt childHow good is yogurt for you and your wellness? Well, just ask your gut! Our intestinal tract is an ecological system containing vital probiotics, healthy bacteria the body depends on.

What Yogurt Is Best?
The best yogurt is plain, without added sugar or additives. Fresh fruit can be added, or choose a brand with added fruit that has a low sugar content. (Oregon’s Nancy’s is the gold standard in yogurts).

Introducing The Famous Probiotics
Here to introduce themselves are the probiotics found in yogurt:

L. acidophilus
: suppresses the growth of yeast after antibiotic therapy. New research shows that antibiotics severely effect healthy intestinal flora.

S. thermophilus: has high levels of lactose enzymes which aid in the digestion of milk.

L. bulgaricus: increase immune response, produces an antibiotic-like substance (bulgarican) and also contains lactose for milk digestion.

L. casei: is able to reside in the intestines where it helps reduce the risk of infection from E. coli, salmonella, shigella, and intestinal viruses. Also aids in lactose digestion.

L. rhamnosus: suppreses rotoviruses and diarrhea-causing organisms, and helps in the treatment of colitis.

B. bifidum: repairs and prevents intestinal inflammation.

Pretty impressive, right? And yummy, too!

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