We’re Here to Help! Insurance Questions, Auto Accident and Out of Pocket Fees

philosophyOur office staff is here to help you regarding your insurance coverage and to answer any questions you may have regarding fees, or any other question you may have regarding coverage or scheduling.  We’ll be happy to check your insurance for you. Just call with your insurance information.  

How Do I Know If My Insurance Covers Dr. Strasser’s Care?

If you call our office at 503.287.2800, we will be glad to check your insurance and see what your coverage is. If Dr. Strasser is not on your preferred provider panel, you can often see him as an out-of-network provider with very similar fees. Sometimes you will have to meet your yearly deductible and you will pay for services out of pocket until your deductible is met.

What If I Have a Auto Accident, a Car Accident, an MVA?

In almost all cases, your care with Dr. Strasser will be fully covered under your auto accident insurance. We will help you find out exactly what your coverage is. You do not need a referral to see Dr. Strasser for your accident injury.

What If I Have Had An Injury At Work, A Work-Related Injury, An Occupational Injury?

Portland chiropractor Dr. Arn Strasser’s treatments are covered under Oregon and Washington Workers Compensation. You do not need a referral to receive chiropractic care.  Call us to check your Workers Compensation coverage.

Which Insurance Panels Cover Dr. Strasser’s Care?

Among insurance carriers covering Dr. Strasser’s services are Blue Cross-Blue Shield, ODS, Cigna, Great West, United Health Care, Optimum Health, certain Providence Plans and others.  Dr. Strasser may be an out-of-network provider under your plan.  If Dr. Strasser is not listed as a member of your insurance panel, please call us for information on discounted out-of-pocket fees.

What If I Have Kaiser Insurance?

Many Kaiser patients see Dr. Strasser and pay out-of-pocket even though Kaiser has contracted with a company to provide chiropractors for Kaiser patients. Dr. Strasser has 20 years of experience in gentle, effective care and he provides unique specialist services. Kaiser patients are given a reduced fee for paying at the time of service.

What If I Am Paying Out Of Pocket, Or Have No Insurance Coverage?

A reduced fee is provided for patients paying at the time of service. We will be glad to discuss specific fees with you. Dr. Strasser takes time with his patients to provide excellence in patient care.

Are Botanicals | Supplements, Orthopedic Supplies Covered Under My Insurance?

Insurance does not cover supplements, botanicals, laboratory services, or orthopedic supplies (such as low back supports) and these are paid out of pocket when they are prescribed.

We are pleased to answer any question you have concerning insurance coverage or fees. Call 503.287.2800 or email info@pdxchiropractor.com.