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We welcome and appreciate feedback from our patients regarding Dr. Strasser’s care, and their referral of family and friends to our practice.

“I’ve never seen a doctor show so much concern, nor go so far out of his way to care for a patient…I think your method of adjustment is much easier for kids to handle than the more traditional ways…”

- Judy K. NE Portland, Oregon

“I had no idea what to expect when I visited Dr. Strasser for the first time. I had never been to a chiropractor before. I had always been a bit wary of them, truthfully, but I know I needed help and nothing else had worked. Dr. Strasser listened intently, explained the benefits of the Cox system and made sure I was comfortable with the course of treatment. I felt fully informed and cared for each step of the way. My progress was so rapid, it felt like a miracle. Thank you, Dr. Strasser.”

- Christa W. NE Portland, Oregon

“…I woke up this morning feeling so good. During the last 2 months, I’ve woken up every morning with extremely tight muscles in my neck and sore shoulders. Today was different! After my treatment last night, I can tell an amazing difference in my neck! I look forward to our remaining treatments and lament the fact that I’m moving across the country!”

- Alex D. SE Portland, Oregon

“Dr. Strasser treated my son Shae for several months. Shae was was around 18 months old when he started and was barely eating enough and had the sleeping patterns of a newborn. He was up every two hours during the night, and was difficult to console. He also was getting frequent ear infections. Dr. Strasser is vastly experienced, down to earth, and has a warmth that Shae trusted immediately. Shae’s eating, sleeping and earaches became less of an issue immediately. And after four months, I have no concerns about Shae. He eats an array of foods, and wakes only once in the night. He hasn’t got an ear infection in a least 2 months. Dr. Strasser’s work is subtle and comfortable, yet very effective. I highly recommend him for any acute or long term troubles you or your child may be facing.”

- Vanessa L. NW Portland, Oregon

“I’ve been meaning to thank you for your kind care and treatment of my back last summer. Your care eased my stress and discomfort in the weeks before our wedding. All went well in August. I walked upright for the wedding and since.”

- Diane K. NE Portland, Oregon

“I was in really bad shape. Sprained my foot and wrenched my irascible back. Before I saw Dr. Strasser I had just finished 10 weeks of Yoga where I had injured my sacroiliac joint and it was getting progressively worse. I was also stretching twice a day. If I didn’t stretch before I went to bed, I would wake up with a headache.

To sum up my list of complaints: a very nasty back, sacroiliac, and sprained ankle. A number of weeks have passed and I am here to tell you that I feel GREAT!! The sacroliac has healed, the foot has healed, and my back doesn’t hurt any more. Not only does it not hurt any more, but I can work in the garden all day and not have to get in the hot tub. The hot tub still feels good, but not necessary. No more continuous stretching and no more headaches!! Sleeping is again a pleasure.

The treatments with Dr. Strasser are very gentle and I always feel better when I leave. Thanks Dr. Strasser!! “

- Susan M. SW Portland, Oregon

“When I first went to see Dr. Strasser, I was unable to walk normally, could not run and had pain in my hip. In a matter of a few months, I was able to walk normally again, able to run and pain free. He used gentle, effective techniques to correct the strain I had put on my back. I am playing softball again, and able to work in my yard and garden. I have recommended Dr. Strasser to a number of my colleagues and friends. “

- Bonita C. Beaverton, Oregon

“I first met Dr. Strasser when I was in the back of an ambulance. For 5 days I was on the floor of my bedroom in unspeakable pain, from a bulging disc in my back which led to sciatic type problems all down my right leg. I had to be carried out in a stretcher. In less than 4 months, I was back in the gym, and going to ballgames. His extensive knowledge of his craft and compassion for his patients made all the difference. I highly recommend him.”

- John B. Hillsboro, Oregon