Enjoy a relaxed fun learning experience.  Each season Dr. Strasser presents a Beginners and Intermediate Tai Chi class.  

Tai Chi is a wonderful exercise form for balance, tone, flexibility, energy, stamina and managing stress.

Each season Dr. Strasser teaches a Beginners Tai Chi class.  The class is a relaxed, fun experience that takes an organized approach to learning the Tai Chi Short Form.  Tai Chi is great for all stages of fitness, all body types and all ages.   Dr. Strasser has taught Tai Chi for many years and brings his experience as a chiropractic doctor to the classes. 

THE NEXT TAI CHI CLASS will be held in FEBRUARY 2017.  Specific class days to be announced.  The class will be taught on TUESDAYS from 6-7pm at the Irvington Club in NE Portland.   The cost is $105 ($15 a session) payable in advance. PLEASE NOTE: Class size is limited.  Please call for questions or register now if you are interested.

TO REGISTER FOR THE CLASS  please call Latina at 503.287.2800 or email info@pdxchiropractor.com to tell us you interested in registering or have questions. We will provide you with registration and payment information.

TAI CHI INTERMEDIATE CLASS is an more intensive class with four sessions for those who are familiar with the TAI CHI Short Form or who have taken beginner’s classes with Dr. Strasser and want to move one.  The Intermediate Class emphasizes one on one instruction.  Dates will be in the Winter.  If you are interested in this class, please contact us.

Tai Chi: A Chiropractor’s Thumbs Up

by Dr. Arn Strasser

Practicing tai chi is a wonderful way to maintain flexibility and enhance conditioning. It’s a low impact exercise that is appropriate for all fitness levels and all ages. Going through the slow movements of tai chi creates a calming effect on the nervous system and reduces stress.

Tai chi is also eminently practical. You don’t need special equipment or clothing to practice tai chi. You can do your tai chi form inside or, even better, outdoors in a natural setting. The movements of tai chi can be adapted to the most inflexible body as well as challenge a fitness fanatic.

Once you’ve learned the basic tai chi movements, you can continue to practice and perfect it, with or without instruction.

A recent study concerning tai chi adds scientific weight to what we already know from practicing tai chi. In 2010, The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that compared two groups of patients with fibromyalgia. One group of 33 patients did yang-style tai chi and the other group of 33 were given wellness education and did conventional stretching. The tai chi group did significantly better, the study reported, in measurements of pain, fatigue, physical functioning, sleeplessness and depression. (n engl j med 363;8 nejm.org august 19, 2010) Earlier studies have found that patients doing tai chi had improved balance, mental cognition, reduced blood pressure and even improved immunity.

From a chiropractor’s perspective, tai chi encourages spinal and structural alignment, and the flowing tai chi movements engage every joint in the body. Because you are moving your body through the tai chi form, but slowly and gently, you are exercising without strain and trauma. Best of all, tai chi is fun to learn and always makes you feel good when you do it. Yes, thumbs up for tai chi, a great exercise for everyone.

Dr. Arn Strasser is a Chiropractic Physician who practices in Portland, Oregon

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