Cranial and Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Adults and Children, Osteopathic Techniques

cranial therapy

Cranio-Sacral and Cranial Therapy is a specialty of Dr. Arn Strasser.  He has developed a unique approach that combines Cranio-Sacral, Osteopathic, Chiropractic and European techniques that treats the source of pain and imbalance by restoring the health of the Central Nervous System.

Cranial therapy treats the nervous system with extremely gentle manipulations to the cranium. A physician trained in cranial therapy can identify a subtle pulse, or “primary rhythm”, which is an indication of overall health and energy. Dr. Strasser combines restoring this rhythm with active cranial techniques that treat trigger points and muscles.

The cranium (our skull) is a vital and dynamic region comprising muscles, ligaments, joints, blood vessels and nerves directly related to our central nervous system (CNS) which controls how we breathe, see, hear, and how we think!

Cranial therapy directly influences the central nervous system (CNS). When the body is under stress, the “fight or flight” of the nervous system is stimulated. Cranial therapy helps regulate this sympathetic nervous system response.

Migraine and headache, chronic stress and chronic pain, head injury, facial pain, sinus congestion, vertigo, TMJ dysfunction, earache and tinnitus are among the conditions that cranial therapy helps. Children and adolescents with Migraine and headache, hyperactivity and ADD/ADHD, neurological disorders such as seizures and autism, and stress disorders benefit from cranial therapy. Infants who are hyperirritable, or who are failing to thrive can be helped.

During Dr. Strasser’s Cranial Therapy, you lie comfortably on a therapy table with Dr. Strasser’s hands placed gently on your head. The 30 minute session consists of a series of gentle manipulations to the cranium, trigger point therapy and energy techniques. Most patients experience a deep relaxation after asession. In treating children and infants, the sessions take less time and are more fluid. Children enjoy the cranial manipulations. Infants can be treated while being held by a parent.

According to Dr. Strasser, cranial therapy is not intended to move or shift bones in the skull, but rather to have an effect on the body’s energetics by releasing stress, balancing the autonomic nervous system and affecting more subtle neurological patterns of the body.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer your questions regarding Cranial Therapy.