Disc Injuries: Cox Flexion Distraction

cox flexion distractionDr. Strasser is a non-surgical Disc Specialist who is trained in Cox Flexion Distraction, a gentle, research-based protocol to treat disc injuries of the low back and neck including symptoms of sciatica and arm pain.

What Is A Chiropractic Disc Specialist?

Portland chiropractor Dr. Arn Strasser has advanced training in Cox flexion distraction, a drugless protocol for the non-surgical treatment of herniated, bulging, and slipped, discs in the low back and neck. He has extensive experience in the non-surgical management of disc-related low back and neck pain, and the accompanying symptoms of sciatica, leg pain and arm pain.

What Is The Disc?

The disc is the cartilage between each of our spine’s vertebra that is essentially to the amazing architecture of our spine. All the ways we can move our spine depends on our discs. Discs act as shock absorbers and cushion the loads we put on our neck and back. Disc are made up of a circle of fibrous rings with a hard gelatinous center.

How Do We Injure The Disc?

A sedentary lifestyle is now a leading cause of disc injury. Sitting contributes to disc dehydration and increased pressure in the disc. Sudden heavy loads or repetitive bending can critically injure an already dehydrated disc. As we age, we are more vulnerable to disc injury. Imaging (MRI) studies of the spine indicate the beginnings of spinal degeneration in our 20’s. Smoking decreases oxygen to the disc. Lack of conditioning contributes to mechanical problems that impact the disc. A family history of disc injuries is a risk factor.

What Exactly Is A Bulging Or Herniated Disc?

Disc injury occurs when the gelatinous center of the disk breaks through the fibrous rings that surround it. The dehydrated disc flattens and pushes outward. Discs can bulge (protrude or “slip”) and press against a nerve. Disc herniation occurs when the center of the disc breaks through the fibrous rings.

What Causes The Pain Of An Injured Disc?

As the disc bulges against the spinal nerve, or herniates, a zone of inflammation is created which causes pain , including leg pain with low back discs, and arm pain accompanying neck discs. Disc material pushing against the nerve causes compression which affects strength and sensation in the extremities, sometimes called a pinched nerve.

Is There An Effective, Non-Surgical Treatment For Bulging And Herniated Discs?

Dr. Strasser specializes in a well-researched, organized protocol for treating disc injuries, Cox flexion distraction. Cox technique utilizes a specialised instrument that isolates and gentle pumps the disc. For more information on Dr. Strasser’s non-surgical treatment of disc injuries, please refer to the information on Cox flexion distraction.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer your questions regarding disc injuries including bulging, herniated and slipped discs of the low back and neck.