Gentle & Non-Force Chiropractic, Non-Thrusting Manipulation, Traditional Gentle Adjusting

Gentle and Non-Force Chiropractic Care








Gentle and Non-Force Chiropractic care is an approach that helps the body respond positively to the benefits of spinal manipulation.

NE Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Arn Strasser specializes in gentle and non-force chiropractic manipulation, non-thrusting spinal and extremity manipulation, traditional gentle adjusting, and Cox flexion distraction.

Especially benefited by gentle and non-force treatments are patients in acute pain and spasm, older patients, patients with sensitive nervous systems, and those with degenerative joint syndromes, arthritis, and spinal stenosis. Children and adolescents require gentle techniques that are appropriate for their smaller structures. Dr. Strasser only uses non-force and craniosacral cranial techniques in treating infants.

Dr. Strasser treats disc injuries including bulging, herniated and slipped discs of the neck and low back, as well as spinal stenosis, with Cox flexion distraction, a non-thrusting technique. He treats neck sprain, headaches & migraine, TMJ, ribs “out of place”, sciatica, pinched nerve, arm pain and numbness and hip injuries. 

Whiplash, torticollis and most other neck injuries and chronic neck pain are treated with gentle and non-force techniques including traditional osteopathic muscle energy therapy. Headache and migraine patients usually benefit from non-force approaches.

Dr. Strasser is also an expert in traditional Chiropractic adjusting with over 20 years oaf clinical experience.  He always screens all patients prior to adjusting and his treatments use the least amount of force necessary, directed according to the exact spinal restriction determined by motion palpation examination. He often prepares the patient for an adjustment with therapies such as interferential and hot packs.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer your questions regarding gentle and non-force Chiropractic care.