Migraine: A Drugless Alternative

drugless migraineMigraine is a neurological headache that can be managed without drugs by raising the patient’s threshold for migraine attacks. Dr. Strasser is a specialist in drugless, migraine headache care.

What Is Migraine?

Migraine is an often debilitating headache which comes in episodes and cause a pounding, throbbing pain on one side of the head. Neck pain and sensitivity to light and noise, sometimes with nausea, can accompany head pain. Visual symptoms of flashing light or an aura accompany migraine. It is estimated that 28 million Americans suffer migraine including adolescents and adults. After puberty, more women than men suffer from migraine.

What Causes Migraine?

Migraine is a complex neurological disorder, not a purely vascular (blood vessel) abnormality as was once thought. There is a strong genetic basis for migraine which results in a hypersensitive nervous system. When triggered by various stimuli, this sensitive nervous system sets off a chain of neurological and biochemical events which effect the blood vessels of the brain. The result is the characteristic pounding migraine headache.

What Is The Medical Treatment For Migraine?

Triptans, the first drugs specifically developed for migraine, are often effective in stopping a migraine attack. Triptans have potentially significant harmful side effects because they cause a constriction in the body’s small blood vessels. Patients with heart conditions, including silent undiagnosed conditions, are vulnerable to heart attack and stroke with Triptan use.

When used more than 3 times a week Triptans are contraindicated because they can cause a “Rebound Headache” in which the drug itself initiates migraine. Once taken off Triptans, the migraine patient faces an array of drug strategies including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and seizure medication. Research indicates mixed results and side-effects when these medications are used to treat migraine.

How Does Dr. Strasser Characterize Migraine?

Portland chiropractor Dr. Arn Strasser views Migraine as a threshold disorder. A person with migraine has a constant potential for a migraine because of hereditary factors. If the persons headache threshold is high enough, a migraine will not occur. Once the threshold is lowered, the neurological storm of migraine will be initiated. Threshold factors, which are more primary than headache triggers, include chronic stress, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, spinal joint fixations in the neck, neurological disturbances, and blood sugar abnormalities.

How Does Dr. Strasser Treat Migraine?

Dr. Strasser’s migraine treatment program is an individualized protocol to determine a patient’s threshold factors. He works with his patient to build a natural resistance to migraine episodes. Dr. Strasser utilizes cranial therapy, gentle chiropractic, nutrition and lifestyle-stress tools. This drugless approach has proven successful in managing migraine and in improving overall wellness and vitality.

Does Dr. Strasser Treat Tension, Sinus, Cervical, TMJ and other Headaches?

As a Chiropractic headache specialist, Dr. Strasser provides gentle natural care for a wide range of headache pain. Cervical headaches originating from mechanical restrictions in neck joint motion and secondary muscle spasm respond to non-force, non-thrusting manipulation and manual therapies. Sinus and tmj headaches are treated with specific gentle cranial, craniosacral, and cranialsacral approaches. Tension headaches are a common complaint treated with chiropractic, cranial and natural, holistic protocols.

Dr. Strasser is always available to answer your questions regarding migraine and headaches.