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TAI CHI BEGINNERS CLASS  . Enjoy a relaxed fun learning experience.  Each season Dr. Strasser presents a Beginners and Intermediate Tai Chi class.   Tai Chi is a wonderful exercise form for balance, tone, flexibility, energy, stamina and managing stress. … Read More

A Chiropractor in Portland

Portland image

Practicing as a chiropractor in Portland is interesting. Chiropractors are widely accepted, there are lots of them, and Portland is an young and vibrant city. Read More

Sleep: What Works


Are you getting enough sleep? It is estimated that 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders ,such as insomnia, and 60 percent of adults have sleep problems a few nights a week or more. Many of us have problems with daytime sleepiness that interfere with daily activities. A high percentage of children experience sleep problems a few nights a week or more. Read More

Cell Phone Radiation: Reducing Your Exposure

Cell Phone TIps

Portland Chiropractor gives tips on reducing cell phone radiation exposure. We don’t know precisely the health effects of cell phone radiation, but we do know that non-ionizing radiation from phones and many other sources are a concern to environmental scientists. Taking steps to be reasonably cautious in how you use cell phones makes sense. Read More

Are Cell Phones Dangerous ?


Cell Phones, their impact on our health, and tips to reduce cell phone radiation, from a Portland chiropractor. Do cell phones present a threat to our health? Are they dangerous? Here is a distillation of what I found out from popular and scientific research as well as in conversation with Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington, an expert on non-ionizing radiation. Read More

What is a Pinched Nerve ? Part 3

DISC 2 Image

Spinal Joint Fixations, Subluxation, and Pinched Nerves We have been discussing the question of “What is a Pinched Nerve?” and two main causes of pinched nerves have been presented, those associated with disc bulge and herniation, and those caused by … Read More

What is a Pinched Nerve? Part 2

Spinal Disc Image

Spinal Stenosis and the Pinched Nerve Spinal stenosis can be another reason for having a pinched nerve with resulting radiating pain, and possibly numbness and weakness, in the arm or leg. It’s important to understand how spinal stenosis relates to … Read More

What is a Pinched Nerve? Part 1

Spinal Disc with Vertebra

A pinched nerve is a wonderfully descriptive term, but it is not a diagnostic one. A pinched nerve can indicate a wide range of spinal problems. Read More

A Chiropractor in Portland


Practicing as a chiropractor in Portland is interesting. Portland is very open to chiropractors and there are lots of them. Portland is a small, vibrant city. Read More

Full Body Airport Scanners: Are They Safe?

Airport security showing security check sign

A portland chiropractor discusses full body airport security scanners that deliver low-density x-ray beams for 8-15 seconds over the whole body. Read More

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