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Getting Smart About Prescription Drugs

As a Chiropractor who practices drugless care, I am not against the use of prescription drugs. However, like many of us, I am alarmed at their overuse and lack of monitoring. In busy medical practices, handing out prescriptions has become the main focus instead of patient care. Here are some tips to remember when your MD prescribes drugs.


1. Don”t Forget To Ask Why

Don’t be afraid to ask the specific reasons for taking the drug, how long you might have to take it and its side effects.

2. Investigate

Hit the Web and the Library and check indications and contradictions for the drug. Often an excellent source of information: your pharmacist.

3. Stay Calm

Keep in mind that there is a fair amount of hysteria on the Web so read a number of different sources.

4. What You Can Do

The goal is to address the cause of the condition for which you are taking the drug. A number of my patients, for instance, have been able to lower blood pressure naturally with chiropractic care, cranial therapy and lifestyle changes. Don’t be lulled into thinking that drugs are the only answer.

5. Monitor

Regularly evaluate with your medical doctor the need for continuing a medication. If you take steps to seek drugless care and are diligent in making lifestyle changes, ask your medical doctor for a trial period without the drug and then go in for retesting. Essentially the goal is to take only drugs you really need to take.

5. Research Drug Interactions

See if one drug might be treating the symptoms of another. Sometimes this is indicated, but be knowledgeable of how multiple drugs interact with each other. If you have questions, ask your medical doctor.