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Stress: What Can We Really Do?

relaxWe’ve all heard so much about “managing stress” that we tend to discount the value of stress management. Yet we know that stress is real. Stress interferes with healthy relationships, job performance and overall well-being. Being over-stressed can lead to a set of cascading events which critically impacts our health. Here are tips on helping to deal with stress.

Try To Separate Who You Are, The Real You, From The Demands Of Stress. Stress is the body’s response to stressors, that is, all those things that make demands on us. A sudden change in the weather is a demand. A crying child is also a demand, as is losing your job or stubbing your toe.These demands are outside of “you”. That bill that needs to be paid, that unreasonable co-worker, that pay benefit that has just disappeared –these are demands outside of us. The goal is to process and problem-solve these stressors, but not internalize them.

Taking a Break From Stress Is One Of The Most Important Tools In Managing Stress. If we think of your body as an engine and that engine is turned on and running as it deals with demands, then its easy to see that we need to shut the engine off and give it a break. Do something you enjoy to take a break from stress.

When It Comes To World Events And Other Demands Out Of Your Control, A Healthy Dose Of Realism Goes A Long Way. Gather information and try to separate hysteria from real facts. While the media can provide information, it is, as we all know, prone to sensationalism. Watching the same piece of bad news over and over again is usually not helpful.

Try Making A List Of The Stressors That Are Demanding Your Attention And Then Identify The Small Ones You Might Be Able To Solve Now. If we can let go of one responsibility or change our schedule to make it more efficient, or do some other small change to decrease our demands, then we can tackle the big demands more effectively.

Seek Help. Talk About Your Stress With Someone You Love. If You Are Having Emotional Upset From Stress, Or If You Feel Consistently Depressed, Seek Professional Help From A Psychologist Or Other Mental Health Professional. Associating psychological help with mental illness or only severe emotional problems is hopefully coming to an end. Psychologists can be helpful as problems solvers and advocates, as well as working on deeper issues, as you make changes to reduce stress.

Ask Your Chiropractor. A more flexible, efficient nervous system is a key to managing stress. Chronic stress is manifested in the structure of the body and in the nervous system. In my practice, I provide body therapies that encourage motion and address inefficient patterns in the nervous system. I am always available to discuss this approach with you.