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ZZZZ: 4 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

sleep wellnessIf you are having trouble sleeping, you know how important sleep is for the body. Being tired is no fun and it interferes with almost every aspect of life. Disturbed sleep is an outcome of body imbalances. Before you visit your local sleep clinic, try making changes in lifestyle and consider Chiropractic care. Here are four tips to help you improve your sleep.

1. Is Your Sleep Account Overdrawn?

When you miss sleep, it adds up. Sleep debt is cumulative. just think how easily you doze off watching TV, or reading, or while you wait for the light to change. A good way to determine how much sleep you need is to take a vacation. After you’ve unwound from your work life, which usually takes three days, don’t set the alarm and just let yourself wake up naturally. The number of hours you slept is probably the number of hours you biologically require. Many with sleep disturbances owe a sleep debt to their body. Try sleeping more to pay off the debt and see if it helps your sleep.

2. Get In Touch With Your Inner Melatonin.

Melatonin is hormone produced by our brain’s little pineal gland. Melatonin is crucial in the induction of sleep and the regulation of our circadian rhythm, the regular, recurring biological changes in our mental and physical behaviors over the course of a day. How do you help our body produce Melatonin?Natural light during the day (even if its overcast) increases Melatonin. What decreases Melatonin? Having lights on when we sleep (even little LED lights). Incidentally, TV’s in bedrooms are not recommended. Melatonin supplements? OK, but only for short periods. You don’t want to depress the inner Melatonin.

3. Control The Snore Monster.

The Snore Monster loves anything that increases body swelling, so watch that salt (and watch those food labels for creeping hidden salts). Bedtime eating and alcohol is a favorite for the Snore Monster and it hates any walking and other sustained exercise. Both sleep debt and low melatonin (see above) are Monster favorites. An anti-snore pillow may feel like a rock, but it might keep the Monster at bay. The Snore Monster thrives on stress and worry (see below).

4. Put Your Stress To Bed First.

Before you put yourself to sleep, write down all your worries and all the things you need to do that you find flouting around in your mind. A good addition to this Worry Journal is one for Gratitude. Write three or four things you are grateful for to balance off that long list of worries and “I really have to do’s”. ZZZZZZZZZ….